Take a read of our latest interview with 80’s star Paul Young ahead of the 80s Invasion Tour, by the Cornfield Publishing content editor Charlie O'Neill 

This month we had the chance to catch up with 80’s star Paul Young ahead of the 80’s Invasion Tour. With his stylish charm and unique vocal talent Paul quickly cemented a place in the nations hearts. Coming into his own with his first solo album ‘No Parlez’ in 1983, the release went triple platinum in the UK alone, and spawned the No 1 single, ‘Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home)’, which maintained the top spot for most of that summer. The album also included the top 10 hit ‘Love Of The Common People’ and the No. 4 hit ‘Come Back And Stay’. With the release of his second album ‘The Secret Of Association’, which also reached No. 1, his status as a world star was confirmed with singles that included the No. 2 hit, ‘Every Time You Go Away’, ‘I Wanna Tear Your Playhouse Down’ (No 9) and ‘Everything Must Change’ (No 9). One of the highlights of the 1989 ‘Nelson Mandela Tribute Concert” was Paul’s performance of the Crowded House song ‘Don’t Dream It’s All Over’. In 1991 Paul recorded a duet with his friend Zuchero ‘Sensa Una Donna’, which reached No. 4 and, which along with the afore mentioned ‘Don’t Dream It’s All Over’ featured on his best of album ‘From Time To Time’. Paul also featured on the massive No 1 original Band Aid record ‘Do They Know Its Christmas’.

1. Firstly, Happy New Year to you Paul! How are you & how was your Christmas?

A very quiet Christmas & New Year, with just family.

2. Have you made any New Year resolutions?

No, I can never keep ‘em.

3. So, I hear you are currently on tour in the UK with Toyah Willcox, Martika and China Crisis for the 80s invasion tour? How is it performing with these 80s stars? Are you all good friends?

Toyah I know the best, we’ve done many gigs together, China Crisis has been on the same bill as me, but we didn’t see so much of each other as our performances were a couple of hours apart, and Martika & I met for the first time in March!

4. How do you like to keep yourself motivated and focused when on a tour?

I keep a kind of pattern on the road; I practice in the car, eat at least 3 hours before the show if possible (I hate performing on a full stomach) and try to keep up on the regular sleep (that’s the difficult part!).

5. What’s your fondest memory of the 80’s?

The flying, the touring, the gigs, being with the other musicians… some musicians hate touring, I love it!

6. I understand you released a new solo album in April 2016. How was it getting back into the studio and recording?

I’m in the studio a lot; with the Pacaminos, writing and demoing songs. However it did feel a little different knowing this was for a PY album.

7. What are your plans for when the 80’s Invasion Tour is over? Will it be time to sit back and relax or are you going straight on to working on new projects?

There’s a summer USA tour in the diary, Australia and New Zealand in October. I’m writing for both another PY album and a Pacaminos album (in our 25th year), plus I’m developing two music/drink/food TV projects.

8. What hobbies do you have other than performing? Where do you like to spend most of your time?

Cooking, and I’ve had a classic Harley Davidson for about 27yrs that gives me a lot of pleasure (and bills!)

9. I know you were one of the contestants on the reality show Splash. What made you want to become a part of the show? I can only imagine how difficult it was?

I thought I didn’t have vertigo, but it appears I do. And, I’ve been told that it’s a common occurrence to get a fear of heights as you get older? Don’t know if it’s true. I thought I’d scare myself one more time in my life, and I did!

10. What music or artists are currently on your playlist?

I’m constantly re-buying my record collection digitally (he says angrily) and other stuff too: Johnny Ray, Aswad, Bob Dylan (Xmas song), Barney Kessel, Adalberto Alvarez & Son 14, Kasabian, Pachelbel String Quartet, Primal Scream, Pedro Bromfman and Joe Tex and The Shires are my latest acquisitions.

11. What has been your proudest achievement in your career so far?

My kids have all turned out well; you can’t get better than that.

12. Do you still enjoy songwriting? Have you ever written any other lyrics for other musicians or artists?

It’s easy for Los Pacaminos, but I don’t know what my PY style is: I’m sure it’s different things to different fans. Covers? I’ve had Tularosa covered by Ray Vega (country artist); Then There’s You – The Wilkinson’s (country again), The Last Time (You’ll Have To Say Goodbye), which I’ve never recorded myself, by The Blackhawks (country again; what is going on?)

The 80’s Invasion Tour 2017 featuring Paul Young, Martika, Toyah and China Crisis takes in 15 dates and starts on 2nd March at Rhyl’s Pavilion, culminating on 19th March at Liverpool’s Philharmonic, with London’s Indigo2 on 16th March. To buy tickets, please go to www.tdpromo.com




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